The Wasp automobile was manufactured by the Hudson Motor Car Company (later American Motors Corporation) from 1952 through 1956 and was the middle model of Hudson's line-up. It was not as large or powerful or expensive as the top-of-the-line Hudson Hornet. It was not as small or fuel efficient or cheap as the compact Hudson Jet. Like our shop and the people who work here, it represented reliability, moderation, commonsense and all at a reasonable price. The Wasp name is emblematic of our love of cars, of the years of our youth and of the values we bring to our relationships with our customers.

Other Wasp tidbits: The Wasp automobile came in as many as six different body styles, including the sporty hardtop Coupe and convertible Brougham. In 1955 and 1956, the Wasp could be purchased with air conditioning and rear end continental kits. The very first use of the Wasp name was for 17 aluminum-and-wood-bodied luxury cars made in the 1920s in Bennington, Vermont, of which one original and one replica survive.

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